Primary staff

We are an excellent primary teacher agency

We provide high-quality teaching and support staff to all our primary schools. We choose them carefully so our schools are confident that the staff we’re sending are excellent.

Naturally, we cover all supply needs, from short-term emergency cover to long-term absence cover and even permanent recruitment. We have a large pipeline of local staff available who love working for us and show great commitment to their schools.

As you would expect, we have qualified primary teachers skilled in all key stages and specialists in core subjects including Maths, Music and ICT. All of them can be relied on to provide dependable, skilled curriculum-based support even at very short notice.


Each year we recruit a pipeline of talented ECTs to add to our bank of experienced teachers. Many of them will have had teaching practice placements in schools near you; all of them are eager to gain more experience and show what they can offer.

Our TAs

In addition, our teaching assistants are excellent and provide brilliant support for classroom teachers, individual children and groups. Many have additional language skills, which is often of huge benefit to schools.