We are delighted to announce that Education Staffing Partnership have agreed to sponsor Gnoll Primary School’s football team.

With the purchase of new kit, from local supplier Macron Store Neath, our sponsorship of these shirts will allow Year 5 / Year 6 pupils the opportunity to play in brand new kit, helping with physical activity developing skills, discipline & teamwork, whilst focussing on health and wellbeing.

Owen Price Associate Director – Education Staffing Partnership

We are delighted to provide one of our partner schools with a sponsored football kit for their Junior section.  The impact of Covid 19 has meant there has been a lack of team sports competition between schools and it was fantastic to see how excited and proud the pupils were upon seeing the kit, and how much they are looking forward to wearing in once interschool competitions are up and running.

Education Staffing and I have a long working relationship with Mr Harris and Gnoll Primary including them acting as a pioneer school for our Bee1 eco programme.

It’s fantastic to be able to support our schools particularly in the areas of health and well-being and we will continue to support at every opportunity we can in the future.

Rhys Harris – Headteacher of Gnoll Primary

Our thanks to Education Staffing Partnership for the sponsorship of our new football jerseys. The children were pleased and excited to see the jerseys for the very first time and they cannot wait to wear them with pride. The jerseys give us an identity and allows pupils to feel that they are part of the school. Sportsmanship, teamwork and pride are three common traits we aspire for our children at Gnoll Primary. The jerseys will certainly help to instill these into our children.

Thank you Education Staffing Partnership and Macron for the support.