We are delighted to announce that Education Staffing Partnership and Dragons Rugby are now in partnership to support the regional primary schools sporting & education programme.

Our partnership will add value to schools who are accessing support from Dragons Community staff to deliver physical activity that will develop basic skills, discipline & teamwork, whilst focusing on health and wellbeing.

dragons rugby

Managing Director of Education Staffing Partnership, Kevin Moyes said:

“Working together, we will be launching exciting rugby themed competitions to capture the imagination of schools, and inspire the pupils to develop their creative and team-work skills. Furthermore, we aim to provide physical activity opportunities for schools throughout the region.”

Education Staffing Partnership are thrilled to once again be in partnership with such a progressive, forward thinking, pro-active community department. Mike and his team at Dragons Rugby have gained a deserved reputation for their schools’ programme.

Their highly rewarding work enables thousands of school children with opportunities within the Dragons region. Their work enables school children to benefit from sport, healthy living, teamwork, fun, learning and so much more.

Our mission is to support this programme to enable all school children’s opportunities to enjoy rugby and new life skills.

Education Staffing Partnership are proud to support Mike, his team and Dragons Rugby in the work they do in keeping kids fit and healthy by providing this programme. We cannot underestimate the impact of COVID on children’s well-being, both physically and mentally.

We hope that our partnership will help to provide their programme to more children and continue their ongoing work.

Community Manager of Dragons Rugby, Mike Sage said: 

“Having worked with Kevin Moyes and his team previously, we are delighted to re-kindle this relationship as they share our values in supporting young people development. Through our collaboration we strive to encourage more children to access physical activity and provide additional initiatives to inspire the pupils’ creativity and team-work skills.

As research shows, physical activity is linked to improvements in education achievement. So, this partnership is a perfect ‘fit’ and we inspired our pupils to keep ‘fit’ both in and out of the classroom”.